The landscape of someone's skin can tell you their story. Their lifeline, their journey, even their future. With its fascinating patterns, this landscape takes you on a personal journey, showing the years and years of care, its sensitive hairs and the most fitting suit you can wear. 

The music was recorded in Berlin at the Teufelsberg. This is an abandoned American radiostation from the 2nd world war, now open for tourism. It's covered in graphiti and probably the coolest place I've seen in Berlin, partly because of its creepy atmosphere but mostly because of the incredible acoustics inside the white balls. When you walk in, it's pitch-black and the sound of your footsteps floats around in the air for over 8 seconds. As you can imagine I just HAD to sing there. I was just improvising, playing around with the amazing natural reverb and letting my voice swim in its own sound. 

Only later, after I decided to combine this music with these visuals, I added some extra sounds, but I kept the original singing.

All combined 'Landscapeskin' was born.

Be inspired, be Gingered.

Birdlike ft. Ikarai *Spring Special*

Can you feel the new-gained strength of the sun? Can you smell the grass? Can you see new life being born everywhere you look? But most of all, can you hear the BIRDS that have returned from far-away to sing you their life songs? Or the BIRDS that have gathered in the pond just to laugh at you from a distance? All the BIRDS singing 'grutto' and 'koekoek' to announce the most wonderful season of all: SPRING!

This season's music is a song by one of my favourite bands Ikarai. Camiel Jansen, co-leader, dear friend and ex-roommate of mine, came by for a coffee a few weeks ago. When I showed him some footage of birds I shot last spring that I was now finally noodling with, he told me his song called 'Birdlike' would fit extremely well to the imagery. And so this movie was born.

Composition by Ikarai, Camiel Jansen & Julian Schneemann
Camiel Jansen - Bass
Julian Schneemann - Piano
Jeroen Batterink  - Drums
Tessel Hersbach - Violin
Yanna Pelser - Viola
Bence Huszar - Cello
Video directed, shot and edited by Be Gingered, Sanne Huijbregts

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

Still ft. EvenSanne

Another live performed video from EvenSanne, although a bit different than the previous one 'Wait', due to recent developments within this project. We are officially a quartet now, together with Itai Weissman on EWI and Jeroen Batterink on the drums. We performed 'Still' in the BlueNote of the CvA, Amsterdam on my final exam on June 8, and later created this videoclip with the recorded material.

This song 'Still' is an older one of mine. Wrote it exactly 3 summers ago, and have been developing and performing it with mostly EvenSanne, but also other projects. 
Within this song I noodle with different meanings of the word still, and tried to express that it's emotionally safe to be alone and not share your life with someone, but it can start to feel very empty after a while.


Safely at ease, no-one to please
I take myself, all A's to Z's
Traveling light
Without strong emotions to worry about
But still I doubt

My heart is mute, clean, yet polluted
Love was a drug, forbidden fruit
Traces remain
Of dangerous altitudes, breathtaking depths
Passionate grief
Where's the relief?
I should feel happy but

Still I search for one face in everyone
Stock-still I stand, though always I'm on the run
Hold still, hang on, this chase's only just begun
There are so many faces to come

And still I’m still when somebody drops your name
A still, non sparkling word that has lost it’s flame
But still somehow brings hope, which brings only pain

Safely at ease, no-one to please

Be inspired, be Gingered.

Benju, Gotel, Bang!

As an active performing musician, touring is one of the many things on the menu. Being on the road with a band means traveling from venue to venue ('Benju,'), hotel to hotel ('Gotel,'), with everyone in 1 big van ('Bang!'). Its a lifestyle that I had the privilege to be part of for 10 days.

Be inspired, be Gingered.

North Remembers ft. Ilkka Uksila *Autumn Special*

A little christmas present for those of you who don't spend these times with their family. Recalling the fall, remembering the north and searching for beauty in nature and the city of Berlin to find home somewhere. Can we ever really find the same safety and warmth a family provides within the new and unknown? At least we can try seeing all the colors of the autumn and realizing that even though human's time flies by so quickly, leaves will always fall in fall but reappear in brighter colors in spring. Isn't that fascinating? 

A big thanks to: Ilkka Uksila - composition North Remembers & Vibraphone.

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

Wait ft. EvenSanne

This month I combined my 2 favorite projects; EvenSanne and Be Gingered. The result is a videoclip called ‘Wait’, a new composition by EvenSanne.

EvenSanne is a duo I formed together with Eran Har Even on guitar. We started playing about 3 years ago, classical guitar and natural voice, but trough time we grew together into a new direction with loopstations, effects and other instruments, as is presented in the movie. (for more information, see our website)

Based on a few strong ideas from Eran, we wrote and arranged this song together in a typical EvenSanne-way, using loop stations to make the music multi dimensional. When he brought these ideas to the rehearsal, he told me he wanted to call the song ‘wait’. And so, inspired by his story, I wrote the lyrics. They speak pretty much for themselves, but I started writing them from the idea of using the word ‘wait’ in different ways; ‘wait for me’, ’wait for the opportune moment’, ’wait a second’ etc. 


Mirrors only show reflections
Shadows only show what’s lacking
Slowly it begins to show that
I have taken you for granted
Wonder while you wander

Will you remember
All we could be?

Your absence when you leave
As present as a waiting game
Your presence when you leave
As absent as a wedding cake
For the opportune moment I will wait
‘Cause when you will return

Then suddenly it all becomes real
No hiding, feels exiting
Suddenly I kneel, and dive in..


Will you remember
All we could be?

Will you remember
I'll stay right here?



We filmed this live performance in an amazing place called Fenix. A huge wear house containing a dozen containers, where artists of all kinds are working day in day out, and every corner is stuffed with paintings, sculptures, curious creations and lots of working material. 

In the second picture time stands still. Wait, we do because the world is moving around us too fast..


Fenix - Location

Special thanx to:
Simcha de Haan
Kim Raad
Gioele Lizzeri
Martin van den Oetelaar
Ariel Shaked

EvenSanne - Composition
Sanne Huijbregts - Vocals
Eran Har Even - Guitar

Eran Har Even - Recording & Mix

My Sony Likes To Party - Filming

Due to it’s size, this months movie was 2 days delayed. An apologie and a learning point for next month!

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

Away From You *Summer Special*

A Summer-Special!

The movie is filmed at La Peña, the beautiful 'cortijo' of my parents in Andalusia, south of Spain. Or to be more specific, it is filmed in the swimming pool. Because of the temperature (almost 40 degrees) I spent most of the week under water, and I wanted to share the beauty of the under-water-world and the effect of holding your breath for too long.

The music is a composition called Away From You, recorded live on a solo performance in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam. Written a couple of years ago, and only lately arranged to play solo.
For an explanation of my solo set-up, see the post of June.

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

ABCD-Tale ft. Koen Schalkwijk *Spring Special*

ABCD-Tale is the name of my video this month, inspired by the beauty of blossoming nature in springtime.

The song is called Imperfect Circles and the lyrics are based on something Pablo Picasso once said: "Why should I copy this owl, this sea urchin? Why should I try to imitate nature? I might just as well try to trace a perfect circle."
I was working a lot with the different meaning of equal sounding words, like 'B' or 'be', 'C' or 'see', 'D-tale' or detail. In the last part I wanted to create a word square where the first syllables mean something together as much as the full sentences mean something else using the same sound but a different spelling.

ABCD-Tale (Imperfect Circles)
You try to draw a perfect circle but you fall out off line the first time around
So you will draw another circle and the flaws in the line define who you are
'Cause from these faulty imperfect circles you will draw a design for tales in your heart

And every A B C detail will count
Every A B C D - Tale 
Every A B C

And you are perfect every A B, see your

Four seasons long
Tune out of time    
Tell them your tale
Human you are
Whatever falls
Today and here
Belong to you
Believe in yourself

A big thanks to Koen Schalkwijk on piano.

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

Mirrorball (Elbow cover)

This month's movie is a live video of the song Mirrorball (by Elbow) performed in a solo set up, something I've been working on in the last couple of months here in Copenhagen.

I'm working with 2 effects: a TC Helicon Voice Live Touch 2 (multi effect and loop station) and a Boss RC30 (loop station). Also I'm playing on a cajon and a xylophone and some small percussion instruments. Another thing worth mentioning, is the fact that everything is recorded live, so I didn't use any samples. 

It's performed at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) of Copenhagen and filmed by Roufaida Aboutaleb, a fellow singer and dear friend of mine.

Be inspired, be GingeRed.


A premiere: my first official Be Gingered movie: Broadcoffee.

In the past month I have been filming all the cups of coffee I drank. I did this for 23 days, in 3 different cities (Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen) and with a lot of different people (thanks everyone for waiting anxiously before attacking your damping coffee!). A shocking number of 75 cups of coffee, 'cause what would I do without caffeine.. 

Already after a couple of days of collecting cups, I was able to put them into Imovie to see a glimpse of the result. Quite an exciting moment, because it looked like it was actually going to work, so I kept on filming and editing along the way. 

In the meantime I was composing and recording the song underneath it, which I called Slow Down. The most difficult part was that I started this idea with filming coffee, but I'm not a big fan of lyrics about coffee moments, so I had to come up with something more cryptical in order to make sense in different levels. It appeared to be more work than I thought, also because I just started recording without having even finished the song. 
But because of the deadline, I found a lot of inspiration in the last few days and made it to the finish line. 

Last bot not least, the title. Well, nothing clever, just a combination of Broadcast and Coffee.

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

The beginning..

My first post, on the first of April. I'm taking off with 3 video's I made a few years ago. A little piece of history and inspiration for me.

Named after my mother, inspired by the beauty of soap bubbles. A few years after I composed this piano composition I wrote lyrics on it and called the song Soap Bubble World, which I still perform with my band. 

Vijf Seizoenen
Means five seasons in Dutch. I liked the name for it has V/F and IJ/EI and S/Z, and of course the image of an extra season it brings along (although I'm not the first to think of this). Also a piano composition of mine.

The Letter
I was inspired by this beautiful typewriter I found in our basement. The composition is originally also a piano composition, but I used the vibraphone for it's sharp sound and the typewriter itself as the rhythm. 

Be inspired, be GingeRed.