The beginning..

My first post, on the first of April. I'm taking off with 3 video's I made a few years ago. A little piece of history and inspiration for me.

Named after my mother, inspired by the beauty of soap bubbles. A few years after I composed this piano composition I wrote lyrics on it and called the song Soap Bubble World, which I still perform with my band. 

Vijf Seizoenen
Means five seasons in Dutch. I liked the name for it has V/F and IJ/EI and S/Z, and of course the image of an extra season it brings along (although I'm not the first to think of this). Also a piano composition of mine.

The Letter
I was inspired by this beautiful typewriter I found in our basement. The composition is originally also a piano composition, but I used the vibraphone for it's sharp sound and the typewriter itself as the rhythm. 

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

Sanne Huijbregts