Still ft. EvenSanne

Another live performed video from EvenSanne, although a bit different than the previous one 'Wait', due to recent developments within this project. We are officially a quartet now, together with Itai Weissman on EWI and Jeroen Batterink on the drums. We performed 'Still' in the BlueNote of the CvA, Amsterdam on my final exam on June 8, and later created this videoclip with the recorded material.

This song 'Still' is an older one of mine. Wrote it exactly 3 summers ago, and have been developing and performing it with mostly EvenSanne, but also other projects. 
Within this song I noodle with different meanings of the word still, and tried to express that it's emotionally safe to be alone and not share your life with someone, but it can start to feel very empty after a while.


Safely at ease, no-one to please
I take myself, all A's to Z's
Traveling light
Without strong emotions to worry about
But still I doubt

My heart is mute, clean, yet polluted
Love was a drug, forbidden fruit
Traces remain
Of dangerous altitudes, breathtaking depths
Passionate grief
Where's the relief?
I should feel happy but

Still I search for one face in everyone
Stock-still I stand, though always I'm on the run
Hold still, hang on, this chase's only just begun
There are so many faces to come

And still I’m still when somebody drops your name
A still, non sparkling word that has lost it’s flame
But still somehow brings hope, which brings only pain

Safely at ease, no-one to please

Be inspired, be Gingered.