Birdlike ft. Ikarai *Spring Special*

Can you feel the new-gained strength of the sun? Can you smell the grass? Can you see new life being born everywhere you look? But most of all, can you hear the BIRDS that have returned from far-away to sing you their life songs? Or the BIRDS that have gathered in the pond just to laugh at you from a distance? All the BIRDS singing 'grutto' and 'koekoek' to announce the most wonderful season of all: SPRING!

This season's music is a song by one of my favourite bands Ikarai. Camiel Jansen, co-leader, dear friend and ex-roommate of mine, came by for a coffee a few weeks ago. When I showed him some footage of birds I shot last spring that I was now finally noodling with, he told me his song called 'Birdlike' would fit extremely well to the imagery. And so this movie was born.

Composition by Ikarai, Camiel Jansen & Julian Schneemann
Camiel Jansen - Bass
Julian Schneemann - Piano
Jeroen Batterink  - Drums
Tessel Hersbach - Violin
Yanna Pelser - Viola
Bence Huszar - Cello
Video directed, shot and edited by Be Gingered, Sanne Huijbregts

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

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