The landscape of someone's skin can tell you their story. Their lifeline, their journey, even their future. With its fascinating patterns, this landscape takes you on a personal journey, showing the years and years of care, its sensitive hairs and the most fitting suit you can wear. 

The music was recorded in Berlin at the Teufelsberg. This is an abandoned American radiostation from the 2nd world war, now open for tourism. It's covered in graphiti and probably the coolest place I've seen in Berlin, partly because of its creepy atmosphere but mostly because of the incredible acoustics inside the white balls. When you walk in, it's pitch-black and the sound of your footsteps floats around in the air for over 8 seconds. As you can imagine I just HAD to sing there. I was just improvising, playing around with the amazing natural reverb and letting my voice swim in its own sound. 

Only later, after I decided to combine this music with these visuals, I added some extra sounds, but I kept the original singing.

All combined 'Landscapeskin' was born.

Be inspired, be Gingered.