Season Special

North Remembers ft. Ilkka Uksila *Autumn Special*

A little christmas present for those of you who don't spend these times with their family. Recalling the fall, remembering the north and searching for beauty in nature and the city of Berlin to find home somewhere. Can we ever really find the same safety and warmth a family provides within the new and unknown? At least we can try seeing all the colors of the autumn and realizing that even though human's time flies by so quickly, leaves will always fall in fall but reappear in brighter colors in spring. Isn't that fascinating? 

A big thanks to: Ilkka Uksila - composition North Remembers & Vibraphone.

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

Away From You *Summer Special*

A Summer-Special!

The movie is filmed at La Peña, the beautiful 'cortijo' of my parents in Andalusia, south of Spain. Or to be more specific, it is filmed in the swimming pool. Because of the temperature (almost 40 degrees) I spent most of the week under water, and I wanted to share the beauty of the under-water-world and the effect of holding your breath for too long.

The music is a composition called Away From You, recorded live on a solo performance in the Bimhuis, Amsterdam. Written a couple of years ago, and only lately arranged to play solo.
For an explanation of my solo set-up, see the post of June.

Be inspired, be GingeRed.

ABCD-Tale ft. Koen Schalkwijk *Spring Special*

ABCD-Tale is the name of my video this month, inspired by the beauty of blossoming nature in springtime.

The song is called Imperfect Circles and the lyrics are based on something Pablo Picasso once said: "Why should I copy this owl, this sea urchin? Why should I try to imitate nature? I might just as well try to trace a perfect circle."
I was working a lot with the different meaning of equal sounding words, like 'B' or 'be', 'C' or 'see', 'D-tale' or detail. In the last part I wanted to create a word square where the first syllables mean something together as much as the full sentences mean something else using the same sound but a different spelling.

ABCD-Tale (Imperfect Circles)
You try to draw a perfect circle but you fall out off line the first time around
So you will draw another circle and the flaws in the line define who you are
'Cause from these faulty imperfect circles you will draw a design for tales in your heart

And every A B C detail will count
Every A B C D - Tale 
Every A B C

And you are perfect every A B, see your

Four seasons long
Tune out of time    
Tell them your tale
Human you are
Whatever falls
Today and here
Belong to you
Believe in yourself

A big thanks to Koen Schalkwijk on piano.

Be inspired, be GingeRed.