Sanne Sanne

Sanne Sanne Plakfoto kopie 3.png

Sanne Sanne is the new project of singer and vibraphonist Sanne Huijbregts (EvenSanne).

In this project she mainly plays her originals and accompanies herself on vibraphone. Beside her stand vocalists Julia Werner and Vita Pagie, who both play various percussion instruments.

The name Sanne Sanne refers to one of the facets in Huijbregts' art, namely the use of layers and the use of geminating to create deeper dimensions. You can see this back not only in her music, in which she creates magical vocal harmonies with Werner and Pagie, as well as in all the visual aspects in this project: the double-exposed look that is used in her analog pictures and artwork, and in the non-narrative atmospherical background movies.

The overall picture is a dream landscape of polyphone vocal harmonies, lyricism and intimate compositions with complementing live-visuals, that ultimately draw the audience in a authentic soap bubble world.