Sanne Sanne, (Sanne Huijbregts, 1992) is an award winning vocalist, vibraphonist and composer.
In addition to being an outstanding singer, on stage she surrounds herself with electronics, various percussion instruments, and the Xylosynth (electric vibraphone) to complement her voice with a myriad of tones and textures. Her music is a genre defying dreamscape of loops, lyricism and intimate compositions.
Sanne stands out as an artist whose vision and abilities extend across several mediums. Besides her musicianship, she is a talented photographer and film maker who designs her own artwork and directs her own videos, presenting a strong personal vision of what her work should both sound and look like.

“...a real character”

- Coen de Jong, Jazzism

"...doesn’t aim to simply please but stays true to herself”

Maarten van Heuven, Vrije Geluiden