Sanne Huijbregts


Commisioned design work such as Videoclips, Artwork and Websites

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music videos




Promotional videos


Social media campaign, created for Camaleon Tours


Online promotional videoclips, created for Holiday Sitters



€400 for a full videoclip:


€100 for half a day (~4h) and €200 for a full day (~8h). This is based on an hourly rate of €25 for filming.
I own a Nikon D3500 mirror reflex camera, but I’m always up for renting at Budget-Cam. Usually that’s €50 for a day


±€150 for promotional movies such as social media advertisement, crowdfunding clips or EPK's of ±1 min
±€200 for a video clip without synchronization to music (no live playing, only atmospheric) of ±3 min
±€300 for a video clip with synchronization to music, such as live playing or dancing of ±3 min
These prices are based on an hourly rate of €30 for editing. Depending on the clip I this may vary.

All combinations of filming and editing are possible including only filming or only editing.
All prices are ex. 21% BTW.



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This website ;)

Greener Grass


Ruña ‘t Hart

Vita & Jaime


Sound of the Moment

Pat Cleaver


Eran Har Even




€350 for a full website:

This price is based on an hourly rate of €30. Depending on design of the website this price may vary, but generally it includes:

- Website design and building
- A Squarespace lesson to teach you how to update your own website in the future
- Revisions or help with changing and updating your site
- A Squarespace subscription with -20% Circle discount of 105,60 (normally 132,00) for 1 year
- Domain-name subscription of ±€8 per year, depending on where you register.
- Optional email address connected to your website of ±6€ per year, depending on where your domain name is registered
* If you already own a domain-name or email address, we can easily connect it to your new website


Analog Photography


I've always been interested in the art of capturing (so photo, but also film), but there's something magical about having only 36 pictures and not being able to look back. You will take more time for a shot and you'll click only when you're sure, and the results are usually gorgeous without needing to post-edit. 
But one of the main reasons I still much prefer analog over digital photography, is the possibility to double expose. Of course you can add 2 digital pictures on top of each other, but it's not the same. At all. 


T h e   A c e b o o k (double-exposed portrait series)


This is a series of portraits I took over a longer period of time. I've been collecting double exposed photos of many of my friends in the same style, which in total I call the Acebook (Facebook combined with the Ace from a card-game).


O t h e r (grouped by film-roll)

B i l b a o (autumn 2017)

M i s c e l l a n e o u s (summer 2017)

G r e e c e  &  S p a i n (summer 2017)

A m s t e r d a m (Spring 2017)

S p a i n  &  L o n d o n (winter 2017)

F o r r e s t   &   B e a c h (autumn 2016)

I t a l y (august 2016)

P a r i s & A m s t e r d a m (mei 2016)

B e r l i n (april 2016)

A m s t e r d a m / S p a i n (march 2016)

A m s t e r d a m (februari 2016)

B e r l i n (winter 2015)