Previous Projects

E v e n S a n n e

"Haunting melodies, and refreshing harmony, woven through beautifully crafted compositions, Eran Har Even & Sanne Huijbregts of EvenSanne are fearless adventurers of their exquisite musical world."
Becca Stevens

"EvenSanne is simply a unique and magical musical duo. Two people able to make so much harmonic and sonic richness and with a truly creative and out-of-the-box approach. Plus, as a guitar player myself, Eran is one of the very best in my humble opinion - an inspiring  and original voice on the instrument!"
Gilad Hekselman


B e    G i n g e r e d  (Videoblog)

The idea is to create a music video every month, to encourage myself to be active and productive. It's like a diary with a very broad concept, because I'm open to be inspired by anything that crosses my path in that particular month. 

Although I'm a performing musician in the first place, I never felt like I could fully express myself only through music. I love taking pictures, building websites, painting, pottery, sewing clothes, binding books, cooking and so much more, but I never felt the need to share these hobby's with the world. Until I got the idea to start a music video blog. For me this is the perfect way to combine all my creativity and put it into one product to share with the world. 

Be inspired, be GingeRed.